Erie’s sliding patio doors are truly built to last. They’re expertly crafted with multi-chambered, double-walled, welded sashes and frames, and they feature vertical sash rail reinforcement and anti-slam protection. Our patio doors also boast exceptional energy efficiency with double weatherstripping, insulated glass, and Super Spacer® technology.

Erie patio doors are sure to suit anyone’s stylistic preferences as well, as their appearance can be customized with a plethora of aesthetic options:

  • Color – We have a number of colors and woodgrain finishes available, and can even match a custom color of your choice.
  • Grids – Flat, contoured, or brass grids can be inserted between glass panes for a decorative look.
  • Mini-blinds – Mini-blinds can also be fitted between glass panes.
  • Glass – We offer beautiful, V-groove etching in a variety of patterns.

If you’re interested in having patio doors installed at your home, please contact us today for an in-home consultation.

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